Kirdford Historical Photos

Many thanks To John Belchamber for donating a lot of these photos.


4 thoughts on “Kirdford Historical Photos

  1. My great uncle Jehu Belchamber and his wife Rosina lived in Kirdford from the 1930’s until the 1950’s.Can anyone remember them?,they lived in Foresters Cottages.Jehu worked for the Plaistow Brickworks at some time I do not know the dates.In the photogragh featuring the “Workers from the Plaistow Brickworks” a J Belchamber is listed,can anyone pick him out.I have been told he could be the chap in the middle row on the right with a scarf.Also can anyone tell me where Foresters Cottages are located in the village.

    • I have now published my Belchamber research in a book titled “The Belchambers from the parishes of Northchapel and Kirdford” which can be purchased from, and the bookshops in HASLEMERE and PETWORTH.

      John Belchamber

  2. The postman photo I purchased from ebay 2/3 years ago because an ancestor of mine was a postman out of Wisborough Green in the early 20th century,William James Belchamber.His grandaughter recently sent me a photograph of William James,and it could be him.

  3. I am doing some research on an ancestor: Henry WOOLVEN, who was born in 1776 in Kirdford, to Richard WOOLVEN and his wife Mary. Henry married Sarah SHEPHERD in 1798 in Bury. They relocated to Wisborough Green, and had several children. Can anybody help me find out some more information about him? Please email joel [dot] fetter [AT] gmail [dot] com. Thanks.

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