Mapping the Wildlife Habitats of your Parish


Mapping the Wildlife Habitats of your Parish

By Bruce Middleton, South Downs National Park Authority

Kirdford Village Hall,

Friday 8th February 2013, 7pm

Why create a map? How do you create a map? And would you like to get involved?


For more details contact: Bruce Middleton, Central West Area Manager, South Downs National Park Authority 01730 817945 or e



Kirdford Neighbourhood Plan

A communication from the Kirdford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

There is just over 3 weeks left of our consultation period and I've noticed that very few of you have commented so far, the website is and if you go to the 'About' page you can leave a comment if you wish.

Many of you I know support the plan but may not appreciate that positive or supportive comments will have a value in seeing our plan being adopted. Equally, you may have some other comment you wish to be taken into account and this is an easy way for your view to be taken into account.

Remember if we don't succeed in our plan being adopted then others will decide what and where new housing and other development is built in our village and parish in the future.


Josef Ransley

Chair KPNP Steering Group


2nd Kirdford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

Well tonight was another good turnout from the village – the church was packed to the rafters. It was the finalisation of the three days of hard work, which was brought together, as a presentation by the Prince’s Foundation.


All the key points that the villagers had voiced their opinions about on Monday night had been put within the proposal. It was re-iterated many times that the proposal is the word that was being used but this isn’t the final proposal, it was just a term to denote the proceedings.


Everyone was asked to look at the ‘proposal’ as a village project not at the impact it has on us as individuals. We have to have some growth and this way if we can agree a Neighbourhood Plan then we will decide what growth we have and where. We have to make our bit of green England sustainable for the future generations. After all this plan, if approved by us the villagers, will be for the next 15 years – there is no magic wand, this is not going to happen overnight. We will have a referendum, so we each have a voice as to whether this is what we want for our village or not.


Many people have already been working hard to get us to this point i.e. Parish Council and the Steering Group, but there is much more work to be done. There will be other opportunities for everyone to see the work that has already been completed at a series of open days, the time and place are yet to be decided. I urge everyone to take the time to go and have a look and become involved in this Plan.


It should cause quite a talking point in the pub!



Written by @xSussexBlondex

Kirdford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Meeting


Well there were more people in the Church than I have ever seen, so I assume this is now a subject close to a lot of people's heart. Adding another 100 houses to village will affect everyone, but that was not what the meeting was all about.

So the Government have bought in the Localism Act, this by all intents and purposes put the kibosh on our Community Lead Plan (that we, the village, had put two years work on) the new thing to have is a Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the team are two months away from completing the plan.

It became evident to me, that Chichester District Council are not our friends when it comes to deciding on what happens in our village. Don't get me wrong, there will be a need to expand the village, the building of homes is inevitable, but if we can get a Neighbourhood Plan ratified, it ties the hands of the Council in what, how and where these properties consist of.

Because Kirdford already has a CLP, we are ahead of the game, this has been recognised and we have been awarded a grant to produce the Neighbourhood Plan; this is where the Prince's Foundation comes in.
The Prince's Foundation are experts in community planning and helping communities formulate their own Neighbourhood Plans. They have planners, experts in highways, experts in social planning etc. – a very good organisation working alongside you.

The goal of today's meeting was to get the 'local's' view on what should go into the plan, this was done by doing various exercises around the church, highlighting what to keep around the village, where the opportunities for expansion are etc.

The Foundation will be working thought the night, then having a workshop with key stakeholders tomorrow with a view to producing a proposal for the village Wednesday night.

Once the plan has been formulated, by both our team together with the Prince's Foundation, there will be referendum, so that everyone in the Village can say yea or nea to the proposal, if it is approved, it will then be submitted to Chichester District Council, once this is done it is a legal document, giving the Council Planners a policy document on what they can and cannot approve about the developments in our Village. It is hoped that the Neighbourhood Plan can be submitted to CDC in spring 2013.

I think I have understood what came across this evening:
If we do nothing, Chichester has carte blanch to do whatever they like with our Village.
If we agree a Neighbourhood Plan, we, the Village, control how our beautiful home grows over the coming years.

The choice is yours.


The Queen’s Jubilee

Kirdford Church with the Diamond Jubilee Beacon ablaizeWhat can I say, a great day was had by all in Kirdford.  The Jubilee Committee had done their damnedest to make sure the village residents had the best possible celebrations on the Common.

A superb entrance, what can I call it… structure, was built under the expert supervision of Dave ‘Sooty’ Parker, this was decorated with flowers and greenery from around the village.  The Chefs had been up since 4am, cooking the hog roast; there was face painting and other activities for the kids, with full supervision in one of the many marquees;  Philip Shephard slaved over burgers and hot dogs;  the Church had a Crepe Van (yes I spelt that correctly); a beer tent; and the Village Stores supplied free ice cream to the children (I’m sure quite a few young ones survived the whole day on ice cream).

As for the entertainment, this was superb.  First up were the children doing country dancing, eventually getting a few of us adults up to prove how useless we were.  Then came a routine from the Snazzy girls, of hoola hooping, come Zumba, come Bollywood dance exercise, how they managed to go so long was beyond me, I was feeling knackered just watching them.  The Players ensured we kept to the British theme, by getting the ‘old Joanna’ out and involving everyone in a sing song of the old favourites.

Afternoon tea was held in the Village Hall, where there was an amazing display of cakes to choose from, again all with a British theme to them.

As the day drew on, the party continued in the Foresters Pub with live music by the Mad Hatters Tea Party, then at 9:45pm the bells rang out at the church and the beacon was lit, it was a magical sight.

I would love to mention everyone that helped with the day, the organising, the doing, the clearing up, but this day seemed, to this attendee, to be a real village affair with so many people contributing to it’s success.  The committee should be proud of their achievement, the village should be proud of it’s community spirit.

April floods

Ok we know we get April showers, but this month has taken that to excess in the village.

Who has been digging holes?


Out for a walk yesterday with Izzy my dog, we were looking for the local Kirdford Geocache, and we came across and area of the woodland (behind the football pitch) where the ferns had been brushed down and three ‘pits’ had been dug. I am not sure when they were dug, but they were quite full of water, so not recent.

I was wondering if anyone knows why they were dug and possibly why they have not been filled in again, they would probably make a good man trap if you were walking through the woods in the dark.