Beer Festival in Kirdford

I have checked into the Foresters in Kirdford, where they are holding a beer festival this weekend.


You buy tokens at the bar, £1.70 per token, 2 tokens for a pint, 1 token for a half…

A selection of real ales, including, Pheasant Plucker, Dorset Knob, Old Bush Tail, Wallops Wood, Dark Star Festival and Swift One. There is also a selection of ciders to be had.

For the bar snacks, there is a pig roasting outside, what more could you want for a Saturday afternoon?

I think I will be here for the rest of the day (I have already bought 10 tokens)!




Kirdford Gardener blitzes bloggers mess

I admit it, gardening is NOT my favorite pastime, if there is a choice between having my teeth pulled of doing weeding, the dentist it is…

So this year, whilst we were on out two week vacation, I let Richard (know locally as Trickie) have free run of the garden.  When we got home we couldn’t believe the transformation, the patio had been cleared of weeds, the lawns had been cut, the hedges trimmed and somehow all the brambles had disappeared, it was amazing.

I asked him how long it took, and in his usual laid back manner he replied “oh, a couple of hours for the hedges, a few hours here and there for the brambles, an hour on the patio, it was quite an easy job really” – easy job! he must be kidding, that little lot would have been at least two weekends lost.  Apparently he also took three one ton bags of garden rubbish away, I didn’t even realise I had that much rubbish!

If you are like me and your idea of gardening is getting the lawnmower out every couple of weeks, give Trickie a ring, he can come round and give you an idea on how much it will cost to give you a makeover, or a quote for a regular visit.

Thanks Trickie you have given me at least four months of peace, see you in the fall for the trees/hedges again 😉



A Walk with Izzy

I spy with my little eye…

Izzy and I went for a walk this lovely evening, I needed to nip up to Sussex Autogas to pick up my Tonka Toy, it has been ‘out to pasture’ for a few months and now I am going to run it around for a while.

We started off going through the pasture behind Townfield, which had a lovely view of the church poking up over the trees.  Through the gap then onto the road and over the stream, it was really pretty looking down at the flowing water.

Walking up the road, we went past the cottages and noticed someone was having their garden wall rebuilt, the stone was laid out perfectly on the lawn ready for laying.

I noticed the gate to Bridgefoot Meadows was open, so we dived in there to see who was about.  The yard was empty but I noticed David Stocker disappearing in the distance.  I knew there was a public footpath running through the small holding, so off we went following David. It was great to see the horses out, and there was a cute baby black lamb, although mother was not happy to see Izzy even though she was on the lead, so we carried on so as not to upset her.  Walking along the path we saw David feeding the piggies, but he was too far away from the path and I did not want to trapse across the fields without his permission, so we carried on along the footpath.

Eventually we got to Ganders Gate and there was my Rangie waiting for me – Izzy and I drove home, of course I had a big grin on my face, I have my Tonke Toy back on the road – whoot!

Visit to Sussex Autogas Systems

I popped into Sussex Autogas Systems Ltd. to see Derek Alfrey, he has been looking after my Range Rover for the last couple of months, and I am taking it out of the paddock and giving it a well deserved trot.

Derek specialises in converting cars to run on LPG gas (he did my Range Rover), there is also nothing he doesn’t know about Land Rovers, he is the Land Rover guru in our area.

Derek showed me a cute little Land Rover he is restoring at the moment.  It was built in 1955, and sent over to Egypt, from there it did a tour round North Africa, it came back in the 1980s then was sent back out to Cyprus, it was then used by the Turkish Police up until its return back home last year.

Derek has stripped her down, shot blasted everything, put two new wings on her and she is now ready for a coat of paint – structurally there was very little to do, she is MOT ready and of course there is no tax. When Derek started her up, it sounded like a sewing machine, very cute.  This will be a real collectors item when he finished her.

If you want to contact Derek his email is and his number is 01403 820446.

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