2nd Kirdford Parish Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

Well tonight was another good turnout from the village – the church was packed to the rafters. It was the finalisation of the three days of hard work, which was brought together, as a presentation by the Prince’s Foundation.


All the key points that the villagers had voiced their opinions about on Monday night had been put within the proposal. It was re-iterated many times that the proposal is the word that was being used but this isn’t the final proposal, it was just a term to denote the proceedings.


Everyone was asked to look at the ‘proposal’ as a village project not at the impact it has on us as individuals. We have to have some growth and this way if we can agree a Neighbourhood Plan then we will decide what growth we have and where. We have to make our bit of green England sustainable for the future generations. After all this plan, if approved by us the villagers, will be for the next 15 years – there is no magic wand, this is not going to happen overnight. We will have a referendum, so we each have a voice as to whether this is what we want for our village or not.


Many people have already been working hard to get us to this point i.e. Parish Council and the Steering Group, but there is much more work to be done. There will be other opportunities for everyone to see the work that has already been completed at a series of open days, the time and place are yet to be decided. I urge everyone to take the time to go and have a look and become involved in this Plan.


It should cause quite a talking point in the pub!



Written by @xSussexBlondex


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