Tommy Tippetts a Kirdford Hero

I had the great honor to meet Tommy Tippetts at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations this week, in fact it was one of the highlights of my weekend, he even gave me a thank you note and photograph, for the Tweets etc. that I had posted – I was truly humbled.

This young man set out from La Gomera in January, rowed single handedly, across the Atlantic, which took him  82 days, 8 hours and 40 minutes, landing in Port St Charles, Barbados.

To my mind this achievement is truly epic, not only the physical strength that is needed to row across the Atlantic, but the mental and emotional perseverance to be on your own for four months in a floating box.

It has been confirmed by the Ocean Rowing society, that Tommy’s row did qualify as the youngest male to row any ocean solo, so I asked him what he was going to do next…

“I’m hoping to join the Marines” was his reply – I can’t think of a better calling for such a talented and dedicated young man.

It is superb that we have Tommy as a member of our Village.

If you want to read more about his adventure you can read his Blog.


The Queen’s Jubilee

Kirdford Church with the Diamond Jubilee Beacon ablaizeWhat can I say, a great day was had by all in Kirdford.  The Jubilee Committee had done their damnedest to make sure the village residents had the best possible celebrations on the Common.

A superb entrance, what can I call it… structure, was built under the expert supervision of Dave ‘Sooty’ Parker, this was decorated with flowers and greenery from around the village.  The Chefs had been up since 4am, cooking the hog roast; there was face painting and other activities for the kids, with full supervision in one of the many marquees;  Philip Shephard slaved over burgers and hot dogs;  the Church had a Crepe Van (yes I spelt that correctly); a beer tent; and the Village Stores supplied free ice cream to the children (I’m sure quite a few young ones survived the whole day on ice cream).

As for the entertainment, this was superb.  First up were the children doing country dancing, eventually getting a few of us adults up to prove how useless we were.  Then came a routine from the Snazzy girls, of hoola hooping, come Zumba, come Bollywood dance exercise, how they managed to go so long was beyond me, I was feeling knackered just watching them.  The Players ensured we kept to the British theme, by getting the ‘old Joanna’ out and involving everyone in a sing song of the old favourites.

Afternoon tea was held in the Village Hall, where there was an amazing display of cakes to choose from, again all with a British theme to them.

As the day drew on, the party continued in the Foresters Pub with live music by the Mad Hatters Tea Party, then at 9:45pm the bells rang out at the church and the beacon was lit, it was a magical sight.

I would love to mention everyone that helped with the day, the organising, the doing, the clearing up, but this day seemed, to this attendee, to be a real village affair with so many people contributing to it’s success.  The committee should be proud of their achievement, the village should be proud of it’s community spirit.