Foresters Sloe Gin Competition

Well, it is time for the annual Foresters Sloe Gin competition, the competitors have gathered and the bottles of ruby nectar handed over to the master of ceremonies, Karl the landlord.


This is a blind tasting, and if last year is anything to go by, we will be blind drunk by the end of it, this blogger is taking precautions this year, by lining his stomach before the judging.

Some competitors seem to be slightly cheating by putting in ‘multiple’ entrants into the competition, the writer is not sure if this type of conduct is really British…


The 1st batch of 10 come out for perusal… Quite a difference in the colors.


Half way through round one, and already some munters and some quality drinks, I am sure some were made with lighter fuel instead of gin…

Others around the pub, are diligently doing their duties.



Round one has been fully judged, although the results hve not come out yet, there were some definite hair spray entrants in that batch, plus some very syrupy contestants, the score sheets are in and we now sit down to cheese and biscuits waiting for round two.

Round two consists of the top six contenders from round one, let’s hope the hairspray did not make it through….

So the 2nd round has been done and the scores are in for counting, who got nil point is what we want to know, the difference between each specimen was very small, a difficult decision…

Down to the final 3


And the winner is…

6th – Irish Paul
5th – Nick and Lorraine
4th – Jo and Paul
3rd – Alison
2nd – Gaye
1st – Rachel Vauxhall

Mine came nowhere, yet again šŸ˜¦ Ā Well done to Linda and Karl for organising the event and all those who mixed up the fruit with variousĀ alcoholĀ derivativesĀ and entered.


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