Chow Piggies

Another nail in the coffin for local business?  Judging by a tweet posted this morning, it seems that the Stockers have decided to throw in the towel and give up the pig farming business.

Why would they do this when the business seemed to be just taking off, after all they have a reasonable sized herd for the land, the hog roast orders are building up, what makes a couple decide to give up?

I think the answer is to do with the recent planning application they were try to get for a temporary house on the land, it was refused because of possible chances of flooding and that they did not have enough pigs to warrant a full-time home on the land.

Personally (and I do try to keep personal bias out of this blog – but just this once…), I feel this is a load of ‘tosh’, the house would have been built at the same height as all the other cottages along that stretch, so the flooding issue is not an issue – then as for the number of pigs, this couple rear rare breed pigs, therefore the rules should not be the same as commercial pig farmers who can rear 1000s of pigs in great warehouses – the rare breeds take are reared in the open, with lots of room to play in and taste so much better for it.

Farming is a hard life, we all know that, and we all respect our farmers for what they do, but to run a farm, when you do not live on the land is even harder – getting up in the middle of the night whilst a sow is furrowing (or whatever the term is) is hard, but having to drive to the farm first is even harder, most farmers would bring their pregnant sows close to the farmhouse so they can be on hand if the births are difficult.

I understand fully why the Stockers have given up their hopes and dreams, I think we should have, perhaps, supported their endeavours, after all, we are a country community, you can’t get more country than a pig in ….


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