The Witching Night

Last night was Halloween in Kirdford, and I could not believe how many little deamons took to the streets to visit their terrors on the neighbourhood.
We had set up the pumpkin on the gatepost, put candles in the windows, and scary music drifting out from the front door, this seemed to attract the little monsters like moths to a lamp, and what great little monsters turned up, some great outfits, and some very polite children, it was almost a pleasure to be mugged of sweets by them.
By 7pm we were out of cup cakes and the sweetie barrel was empty, it was a dive into the cupboard to find extra sweets as the onslought kept coming, even the dog gave up barking when the doorbell rang, another half hour and we were totally out of provisions, they had even taken my secret ‘stash’ – I dowsed the lights, shut the curtains and hid behind the sofa – luckily the doorbell did not ring again.
We had made it through another Halloween!

Well done to all those who dressed up, a bigger well done to those parents who supervised their children – it was a great evening and I am sure the village enjoyed the festivities – until next year…


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