Running the Gauntlet in Townfield

Imagine the scene, coming out of your house, on a wet and windy night, pitch black, and running down the path to visit a neighbour, only to fall down a hole, or coming home from the pub, down the alleyway (ok, it’s pitch black but I have fences either side of me) only to find some workers had dug a trench across the path.

Sounds stupid, but it is a reality in Townfield at the moment – yesterday some nice men came and dug up the path leading to the flats in Townfield and just left!  They didn’t bother with any barricades or temporary covers, they just left a 6″ deep trench right across the path – that was nice…

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The bags of rubble were also left to fall over so that debris is spilling across the road – that will be perfect when a Landrover with ‘knobblies’ on, goes across it and flicks up a rock into another parked car.

“This is a legal claim waiting to happen” reported one resident – and she is probably right.  I do not know who the contractors are, or why they needed to dig up this particular piece of path, but it would have been nice to show a little respect to the local residents…


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