Mr Hook of Kirdford

A few months ago I posted about a magzine I had found from 1936, with a Mr Hook from Kirdford on the front cover.  I wanted to know more about this man, who he was, where he lived, what family life he had etc.

Nothing came forward so I have had a look at the census records from 1911, and have found what I believe to be the Hook Family.

Kirdford cencus records 1911 for Hook

Judging by the cencus records show above, George Hook, who was 49 in 1911, would have been 74 in 1936, which is about right for the man in the picture.  I would also have to assume that Elizabeth was his wife, with Bea, Elsie, Fred and Minnie as their children.

Fred Hook, being the youngest offspring would be 103 at the time of the blog post, and as I cannot find him on the electoral role I can only assume he has passed on.

There are two remaining Hook’s still living in Kirdford – Harry and Violet, I will have to track them down to see if I can find any more information.

Looking at the death register, there are three Goerge Hooks in the early 40’s, so I can only assume one of them is our George…

Kirdford Hook deaths

The search continues…


One thought on “Mr Hook of Kirdford

  1. Trying to learn more about my grandfather, Frank Hook from Kirdford, I have found his family on the 1891 census, including an older brother George William, then 14. Could he be the Mr Hook on your magazine (then 49 and after 35 years working on the land!)? Was “your” Mr Hook George or could he be another of my grandfather’s family? Their father was Charles, mother Esther and my grandfather’s place of birth is given as Foxbridge, which was still the family home at the time of the census.

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