Tommy Tippetts of Kirdford to Row the Atlantic

Flicking through the Village Tweet Magazine I found an article about a local lad, Tommy Tippetts, aged 22, who is setting himself to row the Atlantic.  If he achieves his goal he will be one of the youngest people to complete this arduous task.

I think we should support this courageous lad in his en-devours, he needs sponsorship (and possibly certification), so if you would like to read more about ‘our’ Tommy, you can catch up with his blog at or follow him on Twitter @SoloAtlanticRow

The next time you see Tommy in the Foresters, buy him a pint, he is going to need all the strength he can get!


One thought on “Tommy Tippetts of Kirdford to Row the Atlantic

  1. Hello. From my home above the Arctic Circle ,I have been following very brave Tommy on his long long solo rowing in Atlantic Challenge. Have just sent it out on my profile on Facebook here in Bodø Norway. Even though I am from Ireland,I feel so very very proud of Tommy. With his determination and courage he will make it.. Hope that you will write more. Bye now

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