Kirdford showman’s stone righted after storm

Kirdford’s most famous resident Andrew Smith has finally got his rightful place back in the village churchyard after his gravestone was blown over by the powerful hurricane of l987.

Thanks to a band of strong villagers and the help of two of his great-grandchildren, the grave stone was turned over at the weekend so that the inscription can once more be read by the many gypsies who still come to pay their respects.

Showman Andrew Smith was not only Kirdford’s most famous resident but well-known throughout the south of England for his support for the ancient Charter Fairs.

When he died in l937, gypsies from all over the country came to pay their respects at his funeral in St John The Baptist Church and a huge grave stone was erected.

But for the last 24 years it has laid face-down, making the inscription impossible to read and the grave difficult to find.

Read the whole story in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer


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