Kirdford Gardener blitzes bloggers mess

I admit it, gardening is NOT my favorite pastime, if there is a choice between having my teeth pulled of doing weeding, the dentist it is…

So this year, whilst we were on out two week vacation, I let Richard (know locally as Trickie) have free run of the garden.  When we got home we couldn’t believe the transformation, the patio had been cleared of weeds, the lawns had been cut, the hedges trimmed and somehow all the brambles had disappeared, it was amazing.

I asked him how long it took, and in his usual laid back manner he replied “oh, a couple of hours for the hedges, a few hours here and there for the brambles, an hour on the patio, it was quite an easy job really” – easy job! he must be kidding, that little lot would have been at least two weekends lost.  Apparently he also took three one ton bags of garden rubbish away, I didn’t even realise I had that much rubbish!

If you are like me and your idea of gardening is getting the lawnmower out every couple of weeks, give Trickie a ring, he can come round and give you an idea on how much it will cost to give you a makeover, or a quote for a regular visit.

Thanks Trickie you have given me at least four months of peace, see you in the fall for the trees/hedges again 😉




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