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Rod’s wake, yesterday

I would like to thank Sawdust and friends, for organising the wake for Rod, yesterday at the Foresters Arms. It was a great turnout, with a lot of people both from Kirdford and Wiseborough Green there.
The wine was flowwing, the food was lovely and the sun was shining, I’m sure Rod would have been pleased that so many of his family and friends were there to remember him.

Rod – you will be missed

It is with great regret, I found out that our good friend Rod past away a couple of days ago, Rod had been battling cancer for quite a few months and finally succumbed to the terrible disease on Tuesday 12th July 2011.


Rod was know by many people in the village, and could always be found with his gang of miscreants in the smoking shelter of the Foresters Arms, getting up to their normal shenanigans and generally having fun.  He was a gentleman in the purest sense of the word, he did not have a bad bone in his body, an unassuming man that was willing to help anyone that asked for it.

He will be sadly missed by his many friends.  We loved you Rod.

Once I get news of when the funeral is, I will update this post.

Who is Mr Hook?

From The Farmers Home Magazine Dec 1936

Last week in one of those inspirational moments, I casually put “Kirdford” in the search on Ebay, about 20 items returned, including various postcard views of the village, two flats and a house on Bourne Meadows for half a million (I did wonder who would buy a house on Ebay, and would they click the ‘buy it now’ and pay by PayPal).

Also in the results was an old magazine from 1936 called The Farmers Home, the front page was a beautiful picture of a Mr Hook, collecting faggots for his winter fires.  I had to have this, duly bid the £3.50 and won it.  So for a fiver, I now have this antique magazine with a man from Kirford on the front cover.

Now the following questions are going through my mind:

  1. Who was Mr Hook?
  2. When was he born?
  3. When did he die?
  4. What did he do in between?
  5. Where did he live?
  6. Does he have any descendants still living in the village?
If you have any of the answers, please either leave a comment below, or e-mail me, I would love to find more about this venerable old gentleman.